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Harmony Keepers/ Guardianes de Harmonia- (Strong Hearts/ Corazones Fuertes/ Chicahuaqueyolloh)

Aztlan Mexica Nation Harmony Circle

For Love of Earth, Life, Our People and Traditions

Decolonize Your Mind, Respect the Warrior Within.


Nacion Aztlan Mexica Circulo de Harmonia

Por Amor a la Tierra, Vida, Nuestra Gente y Tradiciones

Decoloniza Tu Mente, Respeta el Guerrero Por Dentro.

History is Identity–We, as Xicana/os, American Indians, etc. are a Native People. Our ancestors were Indigenous–Indians. We are not “Hispanic” or Anglo–the Spanish and Anglos slaughtered 120 million of our ancestors. Genocide left us colonized, uprooted, and ashamed of our true heritage.


Historia es Identidad - Nosostros, como Xicanas/os, Indios Americanos, etc. somos Gente Nativa. Nuestros ancestros son Indigenas - Indios. No somos Hispanos o Anglo Sajones que carnearon a 120 millones de nuestros ancestros. Genocidia nos a dejado colonizados, desarriagados, y avergonzados de nuestra herencia verdadera. 


Find out who you are. Learn our people’s values, purpose and traditions. Learn to Respect and Balance the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements within you. Learn to walk the Red Road, the Path of Return to the good ways of our ancestors.


Descubre quien somos. Aprende los valores, razones, y tradiciones de nuestra gente. Aprende a respetar y balanciar los elementos dentro de la mente, las emociones, el fisico, y lo espiritual. Aprendre a caminar el camino rojo, la senda del retorno a las maneras de nuestros ancestros.


With Knowledge and Strength Comes Responsibility. As a warrior society, members of the Harmony Circle are guardians, trained to protect and defend the sacred ceremonies, gatherings and community actions of our People and of all Native Nations. For these reasons we practice the spiritual discipline of the martial arts, building inner awareness and harmony from the inside-out.


Con sabiduria y fuerza viene responsabilidad. Como una sociedad de guerrero, miembros de el Circulo de Harmonia son guardianes, entrenados para protejer y defender a las ceremonias sagradas, recolleciones y acciones de comunidad de nuestra gente y de todas las naciones nativas. Por estas razones nosotros practicamos la diciplina espiritual de las artes marciales, construiendo una conciensia por dentro y harmonia desde el dentro hasta fuera.


Join us in learning and teaching our traditional indigenous culture and history. Be a part of unifying and deepening our people, our connection to our sacred ceremonies, and to the Earth. As Harmony Keepers we support indigenous nations throughout the Americas. Come to our Sunday orientation. We teach responsibility and promote respect for all our relations.


Reunese con nosotros en aprendiendo y enseniando nuestra cultura tradicional indigena y historia. Sea parte de uniendo y ahondando nuestra gente, nuestra coneccion a nuestras ceremonias sagradas, y a la Tierra. Como Guardaderos de Harmonia nosotros soportamons a naciones indigenas por todo Anahuac. Venga a nuestra orientacion de domingos. Nosotros enseniamos responsabilidad y promovemos respeto para todas nuestras relaciones.

Mission Statement/ Declaracion de Mision

Mission is to Protect Sacred Ceremonies.
How? Providing Necessary Tools.
Mision es para Proteger Ceremonias Sagradas.
Como? Proveer Ramienta Necesaria.
New Location as of Monday, July 10, 2006
Aztlan Mexica Nation Harmony Keepers
1000 East Cesar Chavez Avenue Second Floor,
East Los Angeles, CA 90033
From Old Location: 425 west 11th St, take I-110 NORTH - go 2.4 mi
I-110 NORTH becomes CA-110 NORTH - go 2.0 mi
Take the US-101 exit toward SANTA ANA/SAN BERNARDINO - go 1.5 mi
Take exit #1E/MISSION RD - go 0.2 mi
Turn Left on N MISSION RD - go 0.1 mi
Turn Right on E CESAR E CHAVEZ AVE - go < 0.1 mi


Nemi Zapata, Nemi Geronimo, Nemi Cuauhtemoc, Nemi Krazy Horse ihuan noxtin tlahtoani in Anahuac Ixachilan. Ce Tehuan Nicantlacah. Xonahuia Gwichin xicahuitli Mapuche. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.


Native People have been around for centuries and even eons. Our responsibility to the people and to our Mother Earth is to live traditionally, respectfully, and according to our belief systems, where all things are related to one another and dependent one each other.
Gente Nativa a estado aqui por centenarios y mucho mas. Nuestra responsabilidad para la gente y para Nuestra Madre Tierra es para vivir tradicionalmente, respetosamente, y en acuerdo de nuestras systemas de creyensas, donde todas las cosas estan relaccionadas a otras y depende en cada una.




Sun/Dom 4:30- 6, Martial Arts 
Sun/Dom 6-8 PM, History & Indigenous Films 
Tues/Martes 7-9 PM Martial Arts,
Thurs/Jueves 7-9 PM Drum Circle.


Boycott the Wal Mart Corporation!!!!

The Wal Mart Corporation is responsible for and directly tied to the murders of a 14 year Indian boy in the Texcoco Nation near Mexico City, a 30 year old vendor, and the arrests of over 200 indigenous people of Indio America/ Anahuac. War has been declared on the Native American/Anahuac communities and we ask for an international boycott of corporate assassins. Wal Mart is rated as one of the top immoral and unscrupolous corporations, who is the least contributable, relies on sweat shop/child labor, offers low wages with no benefits, and is known to disenfranchise local businesses.

Ometeotl. Juchari Uinapikua.
Eagle Rabbit Purhepecha Nation

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